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Vulcan Service is one of the oldest divisions of EBSCO Industries—the international leader in subscription services and ranked in the nation’s top 200 privately held corporations by Forbes. Today, Vulcan Service is one of the nation’s premiere subscription servicers, providing clients with access to over 72,000 titles all at significant savings. Our clients range from online retailers to regionally based independent agents.

  • 1946

    Decades of experience in the subscription industry.

  • 200

    EBSCO Industries ranked in top privately owned firms.

  • 72,000

    Thousands of titles to choose from.

Two ways to serve you. And a back office to support both.

If you’re interested in offering discounted magazine subscriptions, we have a solution for you. Selecting a service depends on how you want to offer the subscriptions—as a sales opportunity or an employee benefit. Regardless of who the target subscriber is, Vulcan Service will be there with dedicated customer service and a back office that includes our proprietary order and support systems. We can handle the credit card transaction, management and fulfillment of each subscription order, making your promotion practically effortless.

Generating Profit.

With Vulcan Service acting as your back office, adding magazine subscriptions to your existing website has never been simpler. Over 400 subscription agents across the country allows us to support Internet and non-Internet sales with equal expertise. Our proprietary order and support systems mean we can provide this service for any organization, regardless of size or location.

Our commitment to service is readily apparent. We will make you look good with customers. The significant discounts available on thousands of popular magazines makes a partnership with Vulcan Service not just viable, but desirable.

Generating Goodwill.

Discounts on popular magazine subscriptions are a great employee benefit. With thousands of titles available, Vulcan Service has a magazine for every interest. We make it easy to offer subscriptions to your employees at no cost to you. Partnering with Vulcan Service means you’ll get a hassle-free employee incentive that seamlessly integrates with your current employee benefit programs and internal communications.

We provide all the necessary components, like a custom website and supporting collateral—everything your company needs for a successful program—designed to reflect your brand. And your employees will appreciate the savings.

Our support makes
it easy.

You can depend on Vulcan Service for a partnership that reflects your own high standards. We are a service-oriented company that takes our responsibilities seriously. Whether your business is big or small, we can provide a level of support to match your needs. When you choose Vulcan Service, you’re getting the most experienced subscription service provider in the industry. We’re committed to your success with customers and employees.